We all know the game isn’t fair—especially the drug game. Some get profits while others have historically gotten pilfered. The bottom line is, at Forty Acres House of Cannabis, we believe everybody should get their shot in the Cannabis industry. Everyone deserves an opportunity, and with opportunity comes commitment. So let’s do this!

Forty Acres House of Cannabis created High Five as a no-strings-attached way to fund people to take a shot at new endeavors each year. It’s a community-wide investment in the Cannabis businesses and organizations of tomorrow. 

High Five exists to open the gate for the whole community to try out new ideas each year, knowing that some can be life-changing.

It only takes minutes!

Don’t hold back. Turn your high hopes into your business dreams.

Anyone from anywhere with high hopes and an idea can submit a pitch of up to 5 minutes. 

$135,000 in cash.

  • 3 cohorts over 18 months
  • 15 $5,000 winners

And there’s more. $20,000 more.

One winner per cohort will take home the grand prize of $20,000 to invest into their business.

From pitch to placement – IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE MONEY

Winners will participate in the High Five Accelerator Program where they’ll receive:
  • Marketing, technical assistance and brand creation resources
  • Access to Investment Capital
  • Select participants will be able to pilot their products in local dispensaries